What Are the Consequences of Being Convicted of a Child Pornography Charge?

Learn the Consequences of Being Convicted of a Child Pornography Charge

Child Pornography Defense Attorney Columbus Prosecutors take child pornography charges very seriously. If you or a loved one has been charged with child pornography, it’s essential to get in touch with a child pornography defense attorney . A lawyer who specializes in these types of cases will have an in-depth understanding of the best defense solutions and the strategies the prosecutor will attempt to use. Additionally, a child pornography defense attorney in Columbus can advise you as to the potential penalties that could be imposed if you are convicted.

Prison Terms

There are different types of charges that fall under the category of child pornography offenses. For example, your defense attorney may defend you against a charge of possession, distribution, or production. If you are convicted of possessing sexualized images of children under the age of 18, you could receive a term of up to 20 years in federal prison. This applies to possessing both unprocessed film and digital images. Some individuals are charged with distribution, which refers to allegedly disseminating child pornography via the Internet, mail, in person, or through other means. Your sexual assault attorney can advise you that a distribution conviction involves a term of at least five years. Under state and federal law, those convicted of child pornography production are dealt with most harshly. You’ll receive a minimum term of incarceration in federal prison of 15 years. However, you could be sentenced to a much longer term. It’s not unheard of for judges to impose 30-year sentences in these cases.

Sex Offender Registration

After you get out of prison, you must deal with additional penalties. You’ll be required to adhere to sex offender registration regulations . If you move, you’ll have to promptly update your information to avoid additional charges. Your information in this database will be accessible to the public. Many people convicted of child pornography charges find it extremely difficult to secure a job or find housing because of mandatory sex offender registration. However, complying with this requirement is mandatory. Speak with your criminal defense lawyer about ensuring that you do not run afoul of these regulations.

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