Pre-Charge Representation

Before charges are formally filed, many individuals are notified they are targets of a federal criminal investigation by receipt of either a grand jury subpoena or a target letter from an Assistant United States Attorney. A grand jury subpoena is a court-issued process requiring a person to appear before the grand jury that is investigating a crime. At this proceeding, the person subpoenaed might be required to produce documents, give testimony, and/or provide fingerprints, photographs, or handwriting exemplars. In contrast, a target letter is correspondence from the United States Attorney’s Office notifying the person that he is the target of an investigation, the nature of the investigation, and the need to secure representation. If you receive either a grand jury subpoena or a target letter, our firm can provide the representation that you need to ensure your constitutional rights are protected. CONTACT STEVEN S. NOLDER LAW FIRM in Columbus, OH, today.