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Criminal Defense

Mere words cannot ever express our gratitude for everything you did for us and our family. Thanks again.

Columbus , OH July 19, 2004

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Criminal Defense

I wanted to really thank you for your help. All the thoroughness and in depth analysis you took to get the best results possible that we could. It was truly an experience and a pleasure to be acquainted with you and your whole staff. I feel like you treated me like none other than that of a son.

Columbus , OH September 21, 2004

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Criminal Defense

You were so great; we couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks a million!

Columbus , OH February 27, 2005

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Federal Drug Charges

I was arrested on December 13, 2001, by the DEA for conspiracy to distribute 50-150 kilograms of cocaine. During my pretrial experiences and dealing with numerous lawyers, I found my best advice and direction was from Joseph E. Scott. However, in making the wrong choice of retaining a different lawyer, not Mr. Scott, I was eventually convicted and sentenced to 188 months in federal prison. One (1) week after the imposition of my sentence, I did retain Joseph E. Scott for my appeal. Mr. Scott worked diligently, continuously, and never gave up in getting my conviction reversed. He devoted his time, skills, and talent to regain my freedom. Mr. Scott was successful in getting my conviction reversed in the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals on February 1, 2005. Mr. Scott’s hard work saved me seven (7) years of my life by getting my conviction reversed.

United States of America v. R. E., 2:02 cr 005, and United States of America v. R. E., United States Court of Appeals for the Si Columbus , OH March 17, 2005

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Criminal Defense

Thank you so very much for all your help. You certainly made the outcome of my case much better than it could have turned out. I believe I was very fortunate to find such a great attorney. I was so very uptight and worried about my future, yet you were so easy to talk to, non-judgmental, understanding and actually cared enough to help. So thank you again for all your help, I honestly don’t know what I would have done without it.

- Columbus , OH November 4, 2006

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Criminal Defense – Assault

Joe Scott represented me when I was charged with Felonious Assault and the State was threatening to Re-Indict me for Attempted Murder. The State was doing everything in its power to put me in prison. Joe worked diligently investigating, interviewing witnesses, and researching my case. He tried my case successfully. I was found Not Guilty of all charges thanks to Joe Scott.

State of Ohio v. D. H., Case Number 2007 CR 09-6619 Columbus , OH May 29, 2007

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Criminal Defense – Drug Charges

Joseph E. Scott and his law firm helped me immensely. I was pulled over by the police and charged with Obstructing Official Business, a felony, when I notified occupants of a friend’s house of a pending Drug Raid. Mr. Scott filed a pre-trial motion to suppress the surreptitious recorded conversation and all the evidence against me, arguing that the police conduct was illegal. The judge ruled that the traffic stop was unreasonable and unconstitutional, and threw out all of the State’s evidence. Mr. Scott and his firm fought hard for me and it paid off.

State of Ohio v. K. S. Case Number 2008 CR 05-3981 Columbus , OH September 21, 2008

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Ohio Criminal Defense

I am writing this letter attempting to show my highest level of gratitude for your professionalism and compassion shown by you and your staff during the most stressful and scariest time in my life. I was truly blessed to have you represent me throughout the course of four (4) years during the legal issue I was faced with.

Your strategic defense and legal knowledge sustained me throughout the whole ordeal and the expertise and comfort that your staff showed, especially from Michelle, will never be forgotten. My family and I will be forever grateful to you and wish you all the best.

Terri W. Columbus , OH March 23, 2012

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Criminal Defense

We want to personally thank you Mr. Scott for all the support you provided for nearly a year to our family. I think I probably sent you more emails than I care to remember. While we face some uncertainties, we feel as though you worked so hard for us and it did make a difference in the end. From the time we walked in your office, we felt your general care and concern for us as people. While we understood there would be cost associated with defending us we knew God put the right person in our path and He would help us to provide the funds needed. Joe when you shed a tear in court on my husband’s behalf, that touched us more than anything, because you didn’t judge him based upon what he did, but you knew he was a complete person.

In closing, we hate to consider you our attorney and we your clients, but we look to you as a friend. As you know we aren’t OSU fans because of our Michigan roots, but we will look at the Buckeyes a little differently because of you! May God continue to bless you Joe Scott and your family because we can’t think of a better person that deserves it more. Without a doubt we will always be reminded of how well you treated our loved one in spite of what he stood accused of having done.

Jewel J. Columbus , OH April 23, 2012

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Ohio Bank Fraud Resolution

I contacted Joe Scott in December 2010 when I learned that the United States Attorney’s Office and Federal Agents had me targeted for bank fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, money laundering and bankruptcy fraud. I realized that I was looking at a minimal twenty (20) years to life in prison and facing tens of millions of dollars in fines. Needless to say I was terrified of the consequences even though I firmly believed I had done nothing wrong. It was working with Mr. Scott for more than a year that we were able to convince the Government that I had done nothing wrong and that they should drop the pursuit of prosecuting me. I hate to consider where I might be today or what I might be facing had I not met Mr. Scott who was able to get the Government to agree they were no longer going to file criminal charges against me and my family.

Bhaskar B. Columbus , OH July 11, 2012

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Criminal Defense

Joe Scott is awesome. He’s gotten me out of everything. He’s unpredictable and always comes out with the right thing and it always comes out good. Without him I would be in prison.

James Ansel Columbus , OH March 10, 2013

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Felony Charges

I am a client of Mr. Scott. I was facing three felony charges, a CCW, mishandling of a firearm, and tampering with evidence. I had a prior CCW charge which was dismissed to a misdemeanor so I had little hope that all three of these felonies would be dropped. I was fortunate enough to receive two M-1 charges and keep my record clear of felonies. Thanks Mr. Scott and God Bless!!!

J. Arthur Columbus , OH March 14, 2013

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Criminal Defense – Search and Seizure

After my husband and I prayed for a good, honest, excellent lawyer, we were led to Attorney Scott. I have been through a few lawyers the past five years for the same case. But finally, I am done with this case because of the expertise and handling of my case by Attorney Scott. He is by far the best attorney that I have had and he keeps the client and families updated (as opposed to some lawyers who may not return calls, etc.). The lawyer that I had a week prior to hiring Attorney Scott told me that I was going to prison for about four to five years for an alleged probation violation but today my probation was terminated and I am free as a bird. An excellent attorney may be the difference of a long prison sentence or your freedom. I recommend attorney Scott to anyone looking for a good, honest, excellent lawyer (sent to us by God).

“But for Joseph E. Scott and his colleagues, I might well be a convicted felon today. Through their thorough investigation, research, and oral arguments in Court, the Judge suppressed all of the evidence the police seized at my home, ruling that the Search and Seizure were not only improper and illegal, but also unconstitutional. Because the evidence was suppressed, the State no longer had a case against me and “nollied,” or in other words, dismissed my case. Thanks to Joe and colleagues.

State of Ohio v. T. E. Case Number 2007 CR 09-6764 Columbus , OH May 5, 2014

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