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Highly recommend Attorney Steven Nolder…

My son is an Ohio State University student who got into some drug trouble. We were not confident in the legal advice he was getting from Student Legal Services at The Ohio State University so we began to search for a Columbus attorney with experience in these matters. Mr. Nolder was actually referred to us by another lawyer who knew that Steve would be the best attorney for our situation. Not only was Steve experienced and knowledgeable, but his personal service was truly exceptional. Amazingly, Steve was able to get the drug charge reduced down to simple Disorderly Conduct. We could not have been more pleased. We would highly recommend Attorney Steven Nolder to assist you with any of your legal issues.

Joe May 24, 2018

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Highly recommended…

Steve is an excellent attorney and was very responsive in addressing our son’s case. He was able to negotiate the best possible outcome for our son’s parole violation. I am very grateful that Steve was recommended to us and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a strong criminal defense attorney.

Mark April 4, 2019

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He Went Above And Beyond What I Ever Thought….

Steve Nolder is the Hardest Working, Most Well Connected, Highly Respected, Federal Lawyer in The Southern District Of Ohio. He Gives You Your Absolute Best Chance At A Favorable Outcome. He Went Above And Beyond What I Ever Thought Was Possible. He Is Very Honest And Always Reachable, Returns Every Call Immediately. When Facing The Federal Government Theres Is Nobody Who Knows More Than Steve About Federal Law. Just Having Steve As My Lawyer Helped Me Sleep at Night.

Todd April 6, 2019

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Hardworking and very knowledgeable……

He will fight hard for you! He is hardworking and very knowledgeable about how to help you succeed at winning a criminal case especially when you are innocent. He not only fought and won for me at the trial court level but we won at the appellate court level AND at the Ohio Supreme court level! And years later he was successful at getting this expunged off my record so it wouldn't affect me in the future. I thank God for him every day!

Maria January 8, 2020

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Will recommend Mr. Steve to all our community & business members

I hired Mr. Steve Nolder to help out with a pretty scary issue where me and my family being sued by the Govt on business related tax matter. I was worried & had sleepless nights for 2 Yrs. As good experienced attorney guided me from the beginning of the case till the end & results was outstanding which I never expected. Fees was very very reasonable to the type of my case. Lot of attorney's put me in fear & sounded scary. Now I'm able to focus back on my job and spend time with my family. Steve is very prompt in returning your calls timely, emails & explain the case status. Most of the time early early morning I see him working and replying to the emails. This keeps the clients happy & up to date. I will recommend Mr. Steve to all our community & business members.

G Rao January 29, 2020

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Fought very hard for me and ultimately got me my freedom…

From day one he held my hand through the entire case. Gave me realistic outcomes and expectations. Fought very hard for me and ultimately got me my freedom. He is extremely knowledgeable, fierce, caring, and goes well above and beyond what I paid for. I will always highly recommend him. Hands down the best lawyer I have ever worked with.

John June 5, 2020

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Got all charges dismissed…

I was expecting to get maybe 2 out of 6 of my charges dismissed and today we went to court and the great Houdini got all charges dismissed. Thanks, Steve couldn’t ask for better results. And to All that is in need of an attorney, look no further.

Gabriel November 4, 2020

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Excellent counsel, both legal and personal….

Steve helped me through one of the most stressful times in my life. By giving me excellent counsel, both legal and personal, he helped me achieve the absolute best possible outcome. He's a great lawyer and a great guy.

Peter December 10, 2020

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Mr Steven fought hard for my cousin’s case…

Steven is an amazing attorney, he makes the impossible possible! My cousin was convicted in a federal crime that we went to 3 different lawyers for, non of them could take the case! Every lawyer that I took my cousin to said that there would be a punishment of 15 years in jail. Finally we were able to meet with the most successful and defensive Attorny in the United States Mr. Steven Nolder! Mr Steven fought hard for my cousin’s case and was able to drop his sentence from 15 years in jail to 18 months probation! Mr Steven always works for his clients interests he always listen and respond to our concerns! I would highly recommend MR Steven to everyone in the United States! Thanks so much for what you have done to us and god bless you !

Khaled M January 28, 2021

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Recommend Steve to any one of my friends or family in the Columbus area…..

Steve represented me for a OVI case while I was visiting the state. Not only were the results of my case 10X better than they could have been thanks to his representation, he went to court on my behalf when I couldn't be in town. Steve also negotiated an alternative program for me to attend and handled all of the details of getting me there. I would without hesitation or reservation recommend Steve to any one of my friends or family in the Columbus area.

Matthew April 5, 2021

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The best! Got me off federal probation 3 years early!

Mr. Nolder gets my highest possible praise. He got my federal probation terminated 3 years early. He is professional, easy to talk to, and extremely insightful. I've worked with the biggest-name lawyers in the district, and I would only recommend Steve. I regret not hiring him as my defense attorney in the first place. He is absolutely worth your time and money.

C September 1, 2021

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The Best Attorney Ever

I had a federal case where I was looking at a long jail time sentence and he really helped me out so much to where I can continue to be at home and take care of my kids. Words can not explain how much he is appreciated and the best attorney I know, He put his all in helping me and made sure I understood everything. Thank you so much for literally saving my life.

Annette February 4, 2022

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Strong, Effective Defense

Steve was the best choice for my attorney. His experience and diligence in my case was apparent. Steve was successful in defending me, and having my charges dismissed. I would recommend him to anyone seeking criminal defense.

anonymous March 24, 2022

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A true lifesaver

I found myself in a major rough patch with drugs and alcohol which led to me being charged with a felony drug charge. Steve was recommended to me through a friend and he immediately saw me the same day to hear my story. Throughout the process he explained things in a way that myself and family could understand. He did not sugar coat anything or give false hopes, but rather explain what was happening and how was going to help. He immediately had a plan and kept me in the loop the entire time. He made sure I was aware of everything that was happening and was always willing to meet with me or talk on the phone as soon as possible. When it came to my sentencing I was nervous beyond belief, but the second he stood up in court and started talking he was precise, deliberate, and knowledgeable. He brought home every point he wanted to make and everyone actually listened. I avoided going to prison and received house arrest and probation but only because of Steve. If I had any other lawyer I would be rotting away in prison and not able to help change my life for the better. I am forever indebted to Steve and will always recommend him as the best attorney in the state.

joseph September 21, 2022

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Incredible Results on major Federal Drug Charges

I originally contacted Mr. Nolder last year after being arrested as part of a very large conspiracy to traffic charge originating in the U.S. Southern District of Ohio. He was one of perhaps 8-10 attorneys I spoke with for an initial consult. I ended up selecting him based on not only research into the various attorneys I consulted with (he has one of the best records over the longest periods of time in his location and area of expertise), but also based on his personality, which I found to be no-nonsense, straightforward, and knowledgeable. Price was also a consideration, and he represented me for slightly less than 1/3 the cost of the most expensive quotes I received, which I found astonishing, given his reputation and obvious legal acumen. In my experience, it is extremely rare to find legal representation that combines top-tier effectiveness without being accompanied by an exorbitant price tag, but that is exactly what I found in Mr. Nolder. Mr. Nolder always had time for me when requested, he responds promptly to both telephone and email inquiries, frequently on the same day, and never any later than the next day after my reaching out to him. He answered any and all questions I had about my proceedings, including many I would not have thought to ask on my own, this being my first contact with the Federal law enforcement apparatus. He developed and executed an aggressive plan to negotiate with the government to bring down my offense level, and made sure I understood each and every proceeding and motion in my case. He also assisted me with Zoom calls in which he would clearly explain what was going to occur in each phase of my case, and also assisted me in role-playing when necessary before each of my contacts with authorities to make sure that I was able to properly focus on articulating the points which would be most effective in promoting my own defense, including providing advice that was specific to the judge who ultimately oversaw my case. Ultimately, I received a sentence of time served (which was only a few days, served at the time of my initial arrest), 6 months home confinement, and 3 years probation on a charge that could easily have seen me serving 3-5+ years in a Federal prison. I could not be happier with the result of my case, or the quality of representation provided by Mr. Nolder, and I wholeheartedly endorse his services to anyone in need of aggressive, competent, and effective criminal defense representation anywhere in Ohio.

Brandon October 9, 2022

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