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Conviction of a violent crime can subject you to years in prison and huge fines. It is critical that you contact a lawyer who is not afraid to fight for you and who will take your case to trial when necessary. Whether you are an individual accused of a first-time violent crime, facing a misdemeanor or you have a criminal record and face severe consequences, we have the experience you need and a solid track record of achieving positive results for our clients.

At the Scott and Nolder Law Firm, we are highly experienced criminal defense lawyers serving Columbus and the surrounding areas. We take an aggressive and strategic approach to criminal defense, seeking to minimize the consequences to our clients.

Understanding Assault

In the state of Ohio, assault is defined as knowingly causing or attempting to cause physical harm to another person or their unborn child. Additionally, assault charges may be filed against a person whose recklessness causes serious injury to another individual or their unborn. Aggravated assault is cited when anger or rage are involved in the physical harm of another person; this is a common domestic violence charge because arguments often lead to the fights that cause verbal or physical harm among family members and persons living in the same household.

Our attorneys are experienced in many types of violent crime cases, including:

In all violent crime cases, our attorneys have the experience and dedication to effectively protect your rights and build a strategic defense. When you retain us, we will immediately begin to locate witnesses, review police reports, medical records, and other pertinent information for your case. When necessary, we will consult with experts who can assist in strengthening your defense.

If you are facing violent crime charges, you must contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Speak with one of our attorneys immediately so we can begin investigating your case and building a strategic defense.

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