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Traffic violations may not seem like a big deal. However, without help from an experienced traffic violation defense attorney like the team at Scott and Nolder Law Firm, drivers in Ohio may face a loss of driving privileges, hefty fines, or even jail time. While paying the penalty for a traffic citation may seem like the easiest, hassle-free way to move on from a violation, it’s an admission of guilt. It’s also the start of a driving record that can be used against you for future violations and drive up insurance premiums. What if the original citation wasn’t even your fault, or there wasn’t enough evidence to prove guilt? We fight for drivers to minimize the costly repercussions of traffic violations. To learn more about working with our firm, visit our FAQ page, and contact us for an initial consultation about your case.

Traffic-Related Offenses in Ohio

Not seeking proper representation for a traffic violation can leave your driving record and license to operate open to severe damage. A traffic citation is more than just a fine. It means additional points added to your Ohio driving record, an increase in insurance premiums, possible loss of driver’s license, and an increase in punishment for future violations. Our client testimonials speak for themselves. We have a successful record of defending citizens facing all kinds of traffic offenses, including:

  • Traffic Violations: Common traffic violations, such as making an illegal turn, are typically viewed by drivers as not very serious and paid without question. However, every driver in Ohio has rights, and if the driver is not at fault or guilt can’t be proven, they shouldn’t be forced to pay a fine. These violations stay on your record for two years.
  • Driving Under Suspension/FRA Suspension Violations/No Operator’s License: Driving with a suspended license or no license at all may seem like a harmless misdemeanor, but if it’s on your record and there’s a second or third offense, it could result in jail time or complete loss of license permanently. FRA suspensions are issued when drivers are caught driving without insurance, even if there is no accident reported.
  • Hit-and-Skip Offenses: Hit-and-skip, hit-and-run, and leaving the scene of an accident all mean the same thing and are a charge brought against drivers who fail to remain at the scene of an accident. Depending on whether property damage, bodily harm, or even death occurred due to the accident, a conviction is a criminal offense that can include fines, jail time, or prison sentences.
  • Reckless Driving: Reckless driving or operation is a citation for operating a vehicle with willful disregard of public safety. Even if no one is injured and there is no accident resulting from reckless driving, fines paid and guilty findings lead to points added to the operator’s driving record. Too many points within a short time can lead to license suspension and a criminal record.
  • Vehicular Homicide: This is a first-degree misdemeanor, and if convicted, drivers face up to six months in jail, fines up to $1,000, and a suspended license for as long as five years. Our team of traffic violation attorneys is experienced at representing drivers charged with this serious offense to minimize the penalties.
  • Mayor’s Courts: Mayor’s Courts don’t have the authority to conduct jury trials, but they do hear traffic violations and cases. Don’t assume that just because your case isn’t being heard in front of a jury that the consequences will be any less severe if you’re found guilty.
  • DUI/OVI: If you are charged with a drunk driving offense, an experienced DUI attorney who is knowledgeable of DUI/OVI laws is your best defense. Charges for driving under the influence carry stiff penalties and affect more than just your ability to drive. It can create a significant financial burden and lead to a loss of unemployment. Make sure you have a qualified attorney on your side.

Driver’s License Suspension Class Levels

Ohio law designates various classes of driver’s license suspension based on the traffic offense. If a traffic violation carries a possible penalty of license suspension, a suspension class is assigned to the specific violation. The suspension classes in Ohio are:

  • Class One Suspension – Suspension for life
  • Class Two Suspension – Suspension for three years to life
  • Class Three Suspension – Suspension for two to 10 years
  • Class Four Suspension – Suspension for one to five years
  • Class Five Suspension – Suspension for six months to three years
  • Class Six Suspension – Suspension for three months to two years
  • Class Seven Suspension – Suspension for up to one year

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With over 57 years of experience, Scott and Nolder Law Firm has successfully represented clients in Mayor’s Court hearings and jury cases. We provide you with an experienced traffic offenses defense attorney to handle your specific case. As a local firm, we know local laws and the court system to provide you with the best defense when you face a traffic violation. Contact our team for a consultation today.

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