Drug Charges: Misdemeanor vs. Felony

There are a few different types of drug charges, such as drug trafficking and manufacturing. The most common type of drug offense is possession. As your defense attorney can explain to you, you can be charged with felony or misdemeanor drug possession. A misdemeanor offense carries less severe penalties than does a felony conviction. However, for any type of charge, it is imperative to take advantage of the expertise of a drug offense attorney in Columbus. Any sort of drug conviction can have far-reaching consequences.

Misdemeanor Drug Possession

Your criminal defense lawyer can help you learn whether the charge you are facing is a misdemeanor or felony offense. Generally, a charge of misdemeanor drug possession is used when you are allegedly found to have small quantities of a drug. If you are convicted, you could be facing relatively small fines. You could also be required to complete a drug counseling program. Other potential penalties may include probation, a certain amount of community service, and the suspension of your license for several years.

Felony Drug Possession

Some areas have enacted stricter laws that can turn a misdemeanor drug charge into a felony drug charge. You could be facing a felony rather than a misdemeanor if you are arrested for drug possession near a public school or a child care center. Additionally, as your drug offense attorney can explain to you, you could be facing a felony charge if you are arrested in alleged possession of large quantities of illegal drugs. If convicted of the charge, you could be facing severe penalties such as a long prison sentence. You could also be forced to pay thousands of dollars in fines, serve a set amount of hours of community service, and complete a mandatory drug counseling program. Upon release from prison, you will likely be under close supervision by a probation officer. Additionally, if you are convicted of multiple offenses, you will likely have a much longer prison sentence.