• Former Federal Judge Commits Perjury–Will He Be Prosectuted??

    The Judicial Conference of the United States, in a report to Congress this week, said former U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller of Alabama brought disrepute to the federal judiciary and that his conduct might have warranted impeachment if he had not resigned this summer. The Judicial Conference found there was substantial evidence that Judge Fuller […]

  • These Sentences Ain’t Peanuts!

    Stewart Parnell, 61, who once oversaw Peanut Corporation of America, and his brother, Michael, 56, who was a food broker on behalf of the company, were convicted on federal conspiracy charges in September 2014 for knowingly shipping salmonella-tainted peanuts to customers. During the seven-week trial last year, prosecutors showed the Parnell brothers covered up the […]

  • Different Types of Internet Sex Crimes by Scott and Nolder

    Understanding Different Types of Internet Sex Crimes

    Internet sex crimes carry the potential for severe legal penalties in addition to significant social stigma, which can cause long-term financial and familial consequences. Since Internet sex crimes involve a digital “paper trail,” you’ll need to get in touch with a sex crime lawyer in Columbus who has the resources necessary to develop an aggressive […]