• Allocution versus the Predisposition of a Judge

    WHAT WORKS IN ALLOCUTION?? How many times have you appeared for a sentencing hearing and spoken eloquently about your client’s many virtues, only to have your efforts to mitigate the punishment thwarted when your client throws it in the gutter he allocutes? If you’ve suffered through this indignity, then you’ll want to read Allocution in […]

  • Should a lawyer think like a criminal or think like an attorney?

    “I THINK LIKE A CRIMINAL!” All professional service providers are looking for an advantage to get business in the door and criminal defense attorneys are no exception. Many will gloat about the number of cases they’ve won or their unparalleled experience. Pittsburgh attorney, Daniel Muessig, is going a different direction—he’s telling prospective clients that he’s […]

  • Manipulating Civil Court to Impose Military Court Death Penalty in Hawaii

    KILL ‘EM DANNO! We’ll begin with an homage to the real Hawaii 5-0 show and that iconic line, “book ‘em Danno:” Clip from classic Hawaii 5-0 The Aloha State is making news this week and it’s not because of the serenity that attracts millions of tourists a year; instead, it’s playing host to a federal […]