• Domestic Violence Laws in Ohio by Scott and Nolder

    Domestic Violence Laws in Ohio: What You Need to Know

    Domestic Violence Laws in Ohio: What You Need to Know Domestic violence is a complicated area of criminal law. Often, an accusation is based on hearsay or misinterpretations of the facts. If you have been accused of domestic violence in Ohio, you need the help of an experienced domestic violence lawyer . Your domestic violence […]

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    FAQs About National Child Pornography Laws

    Accusations of sex offenses such as child pornography are dealt with severely. If you’ve been accused of a child pornography offense, retain the services of a defense attorney promptly. A child pornography defense attorney can advise you of your legal rights and explain the legal process to you. During your consultation with your sexual assault […]

  • Potential Consequence of Your Third DUI by Scott and Nolder

    What Are the Potential Consequences of Your Third DUI?

    Under Ohio law, the penalties for a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction become significantly harsher if you have prior convictions. If you have been charged with a DUI, contact a DUI lawyer right away. A DUI lawyer near Columbus may help you avoid a third conviction. If the conviction is your third DUI offense […]

  • Risk of Domestic Violence for Men by Scott and Nolder

    Understanding the Risk of Domestic Violence for Men

    Women are typically thought of as being the usual victims of domestic violence, rather than the perpetrators. However, domestic violence can affect anyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. If you’re a woman who has been accused of abusing your male partner, it’s important to retain the services of a domestic violence lawyer right away. A […]

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  • Understanding the Differences Between Felonies and Misdemeanors

    If you have recently met with a criminal defense lawyer regarding a felony drug crime defense or other legal matter, you may be wondering if a felony conviction is really any worse than a misdemeanor conviction. As your criminal defense lawyer in Columbus can inform you, felony convictions can affect the rest of your life, […]

  • Felony Conviction Can Impact Your Employment

    How a Felony Conviction Can Impact Your Employment

     Sometimes, even the best criminal defense lawyer available can’t protect you from a felony conviction if the evidence is overwhelmingly against you and the arresting officers did not commit any procedural errors. If your drug possession defense or a defense for another crime fails, you could be facing severe penalties. In addition to serving time […]

  • Preparing for Criminal Defense Attorney

    How to Prepare for a Meeting With a Criminal Defense Attorney

    Many people arrange for legal representation from behind bars, while others do so while under investigation before they have been charged with a crime. Regardless of your circumstances, it’s advisable to be as prepared as possible when meeting with your criminal defense lawyer. Being prepared for an initial consultation with your defense attorney will, in […]

  • Charged with Reckless Harm

    What Does It Mean If You’re Charged with Reckless Harm?

    Many people require the help of a domestic violence lawyer even when they did not intentionally cause harm to their spouse , partner, or other household member. In these cases, a domestic violence lawyer serving Columbus will need to build a defense against claims of reckless harm, which is one of the types of domestic […]