The Lacey Act prohibits the interstate transport of any wildlife taken in violation of state regulations. In Coldwater, Kansas, James and Marlin Butler operated a hunting camp which promoted the illegal taking of deer. For at least three years, hunters trekked to Camp Lone Star and paid thousands to hunt Bambi. Sounds sporting doesn’t it—hunters […]

  • Jail Time Sentence for Marijuana Possession – 20 Years

    At this time in history when our legislative body is so dysfunctional, they are unable to appropriate the necessary funds to run the government, try this one on for size. After you read this, tell me, have we lost our cotton-picking minds? Consider the following, Colorado and Washington have sanctioned the recreational use of marijuana, […]

  • Child prosecuted by Federal Government for Sex Crime on Army Base

    TALK ABOUT MAKING A FEDERAL CASE OUT OF SOMETHING! Federal Circuit of Appeals Criminal Defense Harken back many years ago when you had finished your first decade of life. What were your biggest concerns: delivering your newspaper route? making the baseball team? going to gymnastics practice? or helping your mother bake cookies?? All are very […]

  • Child Pornography Sentences – The Bistline Twist

    For those of you who closely follow this blog, you might remember one posted on July 3rd entitled “Substantive Review on Steroids??” In that post, the Sixth Circuit’s decision in Bistline II was the topic. Bistline was convicted of possession of child pornography and originally sentenced by Judge Graham to serve one (1) day in […]