• Answering FAQs About Ohio DUI Laws by Scott and Nolder

    Answering FAQs About Ohio DUI Laws

    Different aspects of DUI laws may apply to you, depending on the particular circumstances of your case. A DUI lawyer in Columbus can help you understand the laws and potential penalties that are applicable to your case. When you consult a drunk driving attorney , bring along a list of any questions you may have. […]

  • Penalties for DUI in Ohio

    What Are the Penalties for DUI in Ohio?

    Under Ohio criminal law, police officers typically charge individuals suspected of driving under the influence (DUI) with the charge of operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI). These two charges are the same type of violation and they may be used interchangeably. Like other states, it is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content […]

  • Life Sentence Data In The Federal Bureau Of Prisons

    “Pine box parole” is an euphemism used to describe the plight of a federal criminal defendant who received a life sentence (or one so long it might as well have been life). In Fiscal Year 2013, federal judges imposed life sentences on 153 people and another 168 received sentences so long (more than 470 months) […]

  • Symbol of Justice

    DOJ Opposed to Fraud Sentencing Reform

    Earlier this spring, the Sentencing Commission conducted hearings on the propriety of reducing the guidelines for fraud cases and generally reevaluating the impact that “loss” should play in setting the base offense level. In response, the U.S. Justice Department has come out broadly against a series of proposals that would cut prison time for white-collar […]

  • Kasich Stingy With Clemency!

    In his first four years in office, Gov. John Kasich used his executive clemency power more sparingly than any other Ohio governor in the past three decades. He granted 66 of 1,521 requests, about 4.4% of 1,521 non-death-penalty cases he received and acted upon from 2011 to 2014 making him the most conservative with clemency […]

  • Convenient Scapegoat

    Convenient Scapegoat?

    A defense attorney was cited Tuesday after a bag of marijuana fell out of his pocket in front of the judge, according to Connecticut state police. Police said Vincent Fazzone, 46, dropped a plastic bag containing about 2 ounces of pot inside the New London courthouse late Tuesday morning. He was cited for possession of […]

  • Terminally Ill Lawmaker Imprisoned For Child Pornography Offense

    A federal judge has sentenced terminally ill former Illinois lawmaker Keith Farnham to eight years in prison for compiling and trading more than 2,700 child pornography images online. Farnham was also fined $30,000. Farnham, 67, has 60 days to surrender to federal marshals. Due to his deteriorating condition, he is headed to a federal prison […]

  • Church And State Separation?

    I hate the phrase “think outside the box” but am enamored with judges who are open to considering sentencing alternatives. I’m struggling to accept a Mississippi judge’s approach to fashioning a sentencing alternative in underage drinking cases. Part of me wants to applaud the guy while part of me wants to scream about the separation […]

  • Welcome To Supermax!

    In 1994, in response to an incident at USP Marion where two guards were killed, the BOP opened ADX Florence, its only supermax facility. There have been many mysteries swirling around life at ADX but much of that uncertainty has become public as a result of a lawsuit brought over prison conditions. It is now […]

  • Protect Your Rights with Criminal Defense Attorney

    How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Protect Your Rights

    If you’ve been charged with a crime, even one that seems to be a minor offense, it’s imperative to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney serving Columbus as soon as possible. There are many ways your defense attorney can help you. He or she can be present during interviews with the police officers […]