• Tax Problems

    Looking at Tax Problems

    If you’ve been accused of federal tax crimes or you suspect you might be under investigation, it’s time to find a lawyer near Columbus who can provide the legal aid you need. A criminal defense attorney can provide guidance to individuals who have been charged with tax evasion, which involves underreporting income to lessen tax […]

  • Learn About Tax Crimes

    What You Should Know About Tax Crimes

    Every taxpayer has a legal responsibility to accurately report and pay tax liabilities. However, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) estimates that the government loses billions to tax evasion and tax fraud. Given the sheer number of tax returns submitted in the U.S. each year, the chances of coming under investigation for tax crimes are minimal. […]

  • Answers About Bail Bond

    Answers to Your Questions about Bonds

    Individuals who consult a criminal lawyer are often confused about what bonds are. Under criminal law , a bond is a way for the court system to ensure that a defendant will return to court for scheduled appearances. If you’ve been charged with a crime under criminal law in Columbus or elsewhere in Ohio, a […]

  • Guide to Internet Sex Crimes

    A Brief Guide to Internet Sex Crimes

    Sex crimes that make use of the Internet may be prosecuted under federal or state criminal law. If you’ve been accused of or charged with Internet sex crimes, it’s important to avoid discussing the case with anyone until you’ve contacted a criminal defense attorney . Top criminal defense law firms in Columbus will safeguard your […]