• What You Need to Know About Red Light Camera Laws in Ohio

    Numerous cities across the United States have installed red-light cameras, which automatically photograph vehicles that run red lights. Despite the popularity of red light cameras, many critics have argued that they do not increase traffic safety and are primarily in place to make money for city governments. If you have received a traffic ticket because […]

  • DOJ Machiavellian Policy In Child Pornography Investigations

    Between February 20, 2015 & March 4, 2015, the FBI operated one of the largest child pornography websites, known as Playpen, allowing thousands of users to download graphic child pornography. At the time, the site had more than 215,000 registered users and links to more than 23,000 sexually explicit images and videos. More than 100,000 […]

  • Violent Crime and Property Crimes Overview

    Rate of Violent Crime is Up, While Property Crimes are Down in 2015!

    The FBI’s Preliminary Semiannual Uniform Crime Report reveals a mixed bag about whether our world was safer in 2015. This report demonstrates overall declines in the number of property crimes reported and overall increases in the number of violent crimes reported for the first six months of 2015 when compared with figures for the first […]

  • Bail Procedure after Criminal Arrest

    What to Do After a Criminal Arrest: Understanding the Bail Procedure

    If you have been arrested, your first step should always be to contact a criminal defense attorney serving Columbus. A criminal lawyer can make sure your rights are protected throughout the entire process and will fight for the lowest possible bail. After you are processed into police custody, you will have to post bail, which […]

  • Federal Criminal Justice System–More Prison, Less Probation.

    Since the advent of the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984, imprisonment has been the dominant sanction in the federal criminal justice system. In 2014, 90% of defendants convicted of federal crimes went to prison whereas 50% went to the pokey in 1980. Federal courts sentenced 2,300 fewer offenders to probation in 2014 than in 1980, […]

  • Examining Sentencing Memos

    Examining Sentencing Memos

    Both state and federal crimes require assistance from an experienced criminal lawyer near Columbus who is well-versed in the differences between these types of laws and has experience in both kinds of court. One of the most important features of both state and federal criminal law is the sentencing memo. A sentencing memo is an […]

  • A Look at Ohio’s Statute of Limitations on Sexual Assaults

    Currently, the statute of limitations in Ohio for rape and sexual battery is 20 years. This means that, under criminal law in Columbus , prosecutors cannot bring charges against a suspect when this deadline expires. However, criminal law is ever-evolving and lawmakers have recently approved a bill that would extend the statute of limitations to […]

  • Who Makes The Next Move At Malheur National Wildlife Refuge?

    Remember when the Native Americans occupied Alcatraz for several years in the late 1960s? How about the Ruby Ridge debacle or even the Waco imbroglio? There are a number of chapters in our country’s recent history when groups have become fed up with Uncle Sam’s bullying behavior and penchant for over-regulation and made a statement […]

  • Fiscal Year 2015 Statistical Trends In Federal Court

    Most of us spent New Year’s Eve watching dreadful football games and hoisting adult beverages—not John Roberts. No, the Chief Justice of the United States worked through the night and disclosed the annual report on the federal judiciary. Here are some fun facts that you might find of interest for Fiscal Year 2015: (1) the […]