• Understanding Federal Drug Charges & Sentencing Guidelines

    Understanding Federal Drug Laws and Sentencing Guidelines

    Drug offenses may be prosecuted in state or federal court, depending on the nature of the alleged offense. Defendants accused of drug crimes are often confused about why they are facing charges in federal court, rather than state court. Your best source of information about your case is your criminal defense attorney serving Columbus. Since […]

  • Life After a Felony Drug Conviction

    If you’re facing a felony drug charge , talk to your defense attorney about what you can expect if you’re convicted. Your criminal defense lawyer in Columbus will likely warn you that serving your time behind bars is only part of the uphill battle you’ll face. Upon release from prison, you’ll likely find it difficult […]

  • Comparing Punishments for Felony and Misdemeanor Drug Convictions

    There are many different drug charges and sorting through them can be confusing. Talk to your criminal defense lawyer about your drug possession defense or other charge, and ask about the potential penalties involved with conviction . As your defense attorney can explain to you, misdemeanor drug convictions generally carry a less severe punishment than […]

  • Understanding the Collateral Consequences of a Felony Drug Conviction in Ohio

    Your criminal defense lawyer may be able to negotiate a plea bargain on your behalf. This would involve a guilty plea in exchange for a lighter prison sentence. However, before you agree to plead guilty, it’s important to talk to your defense attorney about the lifelong consequences of a felony drug conviction in Ohio. Your […]