• A Guide to Courtroom Behavior

    Before your first court appearance, your defense attorney near Columbus will prepare you by explaining what to expect and what your role is for the proceedings. It’s also a good idea to ask your criminal defense attorney about the basic rules of a courtroom. Following these rules demonstrates to the judge and the jury that […]

  • A Look at Courtroom Etiquette

    At your court appearances, making a good impression is critical. You can consult your criminal defense attorney serving Columbus about preparing for your court appearance and how to conduct yourself throughout it. Your drunk driving lawyer will likely advise you to wear professional clothing, cover up any visible tattoos, and turn off your cellphone and other electronic […]

  • A Guide to Courtroom Etiquette

    The most effective way to improve the outcome of your case is to hire a criminal defense attorney serving Columbus. However, as your defense attorney will advise you, behaving properly in the courtroom is also crucial. Your defense attorney may emphasize the importance of showing up on time for your appearance, addressing the judge as […]

  • Tips for Dressing for Court

    Upcoming court appearances can be stressful. However, you may feel more confident of the outcome when you work with a defense attorney near Columbus. Your criminal defense attorney may also offer you some tips on dressing for court. Wearing conservative, formal office attire shows that you respect the authority of the court. Your attorney at […]