• Your Rights During a DUI Traffic Stop by Scott and Nolder

    What Are Your Rights During a DUI Traffic Stop?

    One of the most common questions a defense attorney is asked involves an individual’s rights at a DUI traffic stop. At these stops, you do have the right to avoid answering most questions, you can refuse impairment testing, and, if arrested, you can demand access to a criminal defense lawyer in Columbus. However, if you’ve […]

  • Parens Guide for Child Pronography laws & teen sexting

    Child Pornography Laws and Teen Sexting: A Guide for Parents

    It’s always been difficult to keep teens safe, but with the advent of social media and cellphone technology, it’s particularly challenging for parents to keep kids out of trouble. A charge of sexting is a serious crime. If your teen has been accused of sexting, he or she will need the help of a child […]

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  • Life After a Felony Drug Conviction

    If you’re facing a felony drug charge , talk to your defense attorney about what you can expect if you’re convicted. Your criminal defense lawyer in Columbus will likely warn you that serving your time behind bars is only part of the uphill battle you’ll face. Upon release from prison, you’ll likely find it difficult […]

  • Punishments for Felony and Misdemeanor Drug Convictions

    Comparing Punishments for Felony and Misdemeanor Drug Convictions

    There are many different drug charges and sorting through them can be confusing. Talk to your criminal defense lawyer about your drug possession defense or other charge, and ask about the potential penalties involved with conviction . As your defense attorney can explain to you, misdemeanor drug convictions generally carry a less severe punishment than […]

  • Why You Need to Speak to Your Kids About DUIs

    Even if you don’t feel that alcohol poses a threat to your kids now, it’s best to broach the subject before a problem occurs and your child requires a DUI lawyer . As a DUI lawyer would point out, car crashes are the leading cause of death among teens in the U.S. Even if your […]

  • Collateral Consequences of a Felony Drug Conviction

    Understanding the Collateral Consequences of a Felony Drug Conviction in Ohio

    Your criminal defense lawyer may be able to negotiate a plea bargain on your behalf. This would involve a guilty plea in exchange for a lighter prison sentence. However, before you agree to plead guilty, it’s important to talk to your defense attorney about the lifelong consequences of a felony drug conviction in Ohio. Your […]