• Federal drug charges

    Sentencing Memos in Federal Crimes

    If you’ve been convicted on federal drug charges or other federal crimes, your defense attorney near Columbus will inform you of what to expect during your sentencing. Federal judges consult federal sentencing guidelines, although they are no longer required to strictly adhere to them. Your criminal defense attorney can file a sentencing memorandum, or sentencing memo, with […]

  • Types of Charges - Sex Crimes

    Sex Crimes: A Closer Look at the Types of Charges

    Prosecutors aggressively litigate cases involving sex crimes and judges often impose very harsh sentences, given the reprehensible nature of these offenses. If you’ve been accused of sex crimes or you believe you may be under investigation for these types of offenses, you need the help of an experienced sex crime lawyer in Columbus. Your criminal […]

  • Charged with a violent crime

    What to Do if You’re Charged with a Violent Crime

    If you’ve been charged with a violent crime, the first thing you should do is avoid answering the police officers’ questions, aside from providing them with your full name and similar information. The officers should have informed you that you have the right to contact a criminal defense lawyer in Columbus. Let the officers know […]

  • Understanding Federal Charges and the Federal Court System

    Understanding Federal Charges and the Federal Court System

    Developing a federal criminal defense is different from defending an individual from criminal offenses that are prosecuted under state law. If you’re facing federal charges, it’s imperative that you contact a lawyer who has extensive experience with federal criminal defense near Columbus. Your criminal defense attorney can help you understand the charges pending against you and […]

  • A Look at Courtroom Etiquette

    At your court appearances, making a good impression is critical. You can consult your criminal defense attorney serving Columbus about preparing for your court appearance and how to conduct yourself throughout it. Your drunk driving lawyer will likely advise you to wear professional clothing, cover up any visible tattoos, and turn off your cellphone and other electronic […]

  • Ohio’s Domestic Violence Laws

    Examining Ohio’s Domestic Violence Laws

    Cases involving domestic violence are often complicated because there may be no physical evidence available and police officers may have to rely only on the victim’s statements. This does not mean that a charge of domestic violence should ever be taken lightly. It is considered to be a very serious crime that is subject to […]

  • Learn about Criminal Court Hearing

    Preparing for a Criminal Court Hearing

    Your defense lawyer near Columbus will do most of the work to prepare for your criminal court hearing. However, there are some steps that you’ll need to take. First, listen carefully to what your criminal defense attorney tells you about the case and follow his or her advice. Next, demonstrate that you have respect for […]

  • Understanding Different Criminal Driving Charges

    If you’re facing criminal driving charges such as DUI, you need the help of an experienced drunk driving lawyer near Columbus. It’s not uncommon for a criminal defense attorney to represent an individual who is accused of multiple traffic-related criminal charges. For example, after being involved in drunk driving accidents, an individual might be charged with […]