• Supreme Court Burrage v United States – Drug Dealer Enhanced Sentence

    Click here to see the full Alliance for Justice article Our own Steven Nolder has landed in National Spotlight again, writing an article for the Alliance for Justice blog about a critical judgement in the Supreme Court. In the case Burrage v. United States, prosecutors are seeking judgement for an enhanced sentence for drug dealing […]

  • In the name of Justice

    The heroic antics of Captain America may be relegated only to comic books and the silver screen, but there’s a new hero fighting for the accused innocent against oppression. His name is Captain Justice. Prosecutors in Williamson County, Tennessee took umbrage with defense attorney Drew Justice and his tactic of referring to the state attorneys […]

  • Supreme Court Rules – Teachers Cannot Tattle on Students

    Supreme Court Case Decision on Teacher Testimony Another victory for the Defense bar! Yesterday, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the Confrontation Clause is violated where statements made by a child to his or her schoolteacher identifying an individual of child abuse are admitted at trial. In State v. Clark, the trial court admitted the […]

  • USA a World Leader in Murder and Homicide

    The National Institute of Justice released a report, November 5, 2013, from Dr. Randolph Roth, Ph.D. from the Ohio State University which concluded that the United States had one of the highest Murder rates in the world. You hear it on the news on almost a daily basis that you’ve become numb to it: someone […]

  • Police and Drug Money

    As law enforcement budgets across the country are cut back, federal and state officers are using forfeiture laws and turning to a controversial tactic referred to as “churning” or “policing for profits.” It happens on a daily basis: law enforcement officials pull a vehicle over after a minor traffic violation, such as failure to signal […]