• Criminal Justice Reform and Corrections Act of 2015

    Here’s a summary of the “Criminal Justice Reform and Corrections Act of 2015.” Rumor on the street is that Senator Grassley is content with this “reform.” We’ll see what the final product looks like! Title I. Sentencing Reform Sec.101. “Reduce and Restrict Enhanced Sentencing for Prior Drug Felonies” • Narrows and expands recidivist enhancements under […]

  • Safe Justice Act–Realistic Reform or More of the Same?

    The following data illustrates that in the past 35 years, there has been a tremendous spike in the criminalization of conduct by the federal government: from 1980 to 2013, the number of federal crimes codified in the code increased from 3,000 to approximately 5,000; over the same period, the federal prison population skyrocketed from 24,000 […]