• What Is a White-Collar Crime?

    White-collar crime is an umbrella term used to describe an array of financial crimes that a person may pursue to gain profit. The distinct identity of these crimes that separates them from blue-collar crimes is based on the person committing the crime – typically business professional – how it’s committed, how often, and how large-scale […]

  • How Does Credit Fraud Happen?

    What is Credit Card Fraud? Electronic payments have become more abundant in recent years, opening the door to more criminal activity including credit card fraud. With approximately 1.5 billion credit cards within the United States, millions of people become victims of credit card fraud each year. If you or a loved one is being investigated […]

  • Who Investigates Federal Crimes?

    The Department of Justice leads all criminal investigations, including federal crimes. However, when it comes to the investigations of these crimes, the responsibility is handed to specialized focus agencies overseen by the Department of Justice. The Importance of Investigating Federal Crimes Investigating federal crimes is a vital aspect of ensuring public safety across the United […]