How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Protect Your Rights

Protect Your Rights with Criminal Defense Attorney

Legal Rights Advisor in Columbus, OH If you’ve been charged with a crime, even one that seems to be a minor offense, it’s imperative to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney serving Columbus as soon as possible. There are many ways your defense attorney can help you. He or she can be present during interviews with the police officers to ensure that they do not violate your legal rights. Furthermore, your defense attorney can advise you of your legal rights , inform you of the specific nature of the charges against you, and thoroughly review the prosecutor’s case against you.

After evaluating the merits of the prosecutor’s case, your criminal defense attorney can build a strong criminal defense on your behalf. Before the trial, your lawyer will be hard at work drafting motions and negotiating with the prosecutor to promote your best interests. He or she will aggressively represent you in court by pointing to flaws in the prosecutor’s evidence. Even if you are convicted of a crime, your defense attorney will still serve as a powerful ally. He or she can argue for the lightest possible sentence and file appeals to try to overturn your conviction.