Common Campus Criminal Cases

Common Campus Criminal Cases by Scott and Nolder

Campus Criminal Cases in Columbus, OH It’s common knowledge that some college students may get into trouble from time to time. Unfortunately, certain actions that students may think are harmless can actually jeopardize their future job prospects and even their eligibility to stay in school. Students who have been charged with or accused of a crime should contact a defense attorney right away for information on criminal law in Columbus. A defense attorney can represent a student charged with underage drinking and driving , for example, to reduce the risk that the student will lose his or her scholarships or be expelled.

College students need a strong criminal defense if they’ve been charged with drug crimes such as possession of marijuana or cocaine, or the unlawful possession of controlled prescription drugs. Sometimes, a college student might be wrongfully charged with possession if his or her roommate hid drugs in a shared dorm room. Other common criminal cases on college campuses include accusations of date rape and stalking, which may also result in expulsion from the school upon conviction.