Defending Yourself Against Mortgage Fraud Charges

Defending Against Mortgage Fraud Charge by Scott and Nolder

Criminal charges such as mortgage fraud allegations should not be taken lightly. If you’ve been charged with fraud, you could be facing substantial fines, restitution payments, and a prison term ranging from a few years in state prison to a few decades in federal prison. Your first step in defending yourself is to contact federal law attorneys in Columbus. Even if you haven’t been charged yet, but suspect that you’re under investigation for mortgage fraud , you should contact a criminal defense attorney promptly. One of the first steps your criminal defense attorney will take is to ensure that you’re fully advised of your legal rights. He or she can help you avoid making mistakes, such as by instructing you to avoid discussing the case with anyone else.

Your criminal law attorney will analyze your case. He or she can interview witnesses, consult mortgage fraud experts, and gather documentation to support your defense. Some mortgage fraud defenses are developed with the “lack of knowledge” strategy. Since mortgage fraud is a crime that may be committed by lenders, borrowers, or other parties, the accused might argue that he or she had no knowledge that another party was committing fraud. Alternatively, a criminal justice lawyer might argue that the defendant made a careless error and lacked intent to perpetrate fraud.

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