Examining Sentencing Memos

Examining Sentencing Memos

Both state and federal crimes require assistance from an experienced criminal lawyer near Columbus who is well-versed in the differences between these types of laws and has experience in both kinds of court. One of the most important features of both state and federal criminal law is the sentencing memo.

A sentencing memo is an important step taken by a top criminal firm. Sentencing memos are pieces of writing where federal criminal lawyers advocate for their clients to have less severe punishments. In the memo, a criminal defense attorney must identify issues that would give a judge the discretion to depart downward from federal sentencing guidelines. For example, a criminal law attorney can argue that his client has assisted officials in investigating and prosecuting criminals, or that his client’s criminal history is improperly exaggerated. By tailoring each sentencing memo to the unique facts of a case, a federal law attorney can ensure that his client has the lowest possible sentence available in criminal law.

Sentencing Memo

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