A Look at Ohio’s Statute of Limitations on Sexual Assaults

Currently, the statute of limitations in Ohio for rape and sexual battery is 20 years. This means that, under criminal law in Columbus , prosecutors cannot bring charges against a suspect when this deadline expires. However, criminal law is ever-evolving and lawmakers have recently approved a bill that would extend the statute of limitations to 25 years. This five-year extension would only be allowed in cases in which DNA evidence is available. Now that the bill has been approved by legislators, it will head to Gov. John Kasich to be vetoed or signed into law.

You can hear more about this new criminal law by watching this news clip and consulting your criminal law attorney. This video features an interview with a woman who survived sexual assault about two decades ago. She expresses her optimism that the statute of limitations would be extended, possibly allowing her case to be resolved. However, there are some opponents of the bill. Top criminal defense law firms may oppose the bill because witness testimony is notoriously unreliable after so much time has elapsed.