Learning About Environmental Crimes

Learn About Environmental Crimes

Caring for the environment is a shared responsibility, which is why environmental crimes are taken very seriously with enforcement through the FBI, EPA, and DOJ. Therefore, when you are facing a possible conviction with an environmental crime , you are dealing with a federal crime that could come with fines and jail time that have the potential to destroy your business or your personal future. If you are faced with an environmental crime, you should not hesitate to contact an attorney specializing in federal criminal law near Columbus to represent your case. This article will offer more information about environmental crimes to help you recognize the need for an experienced, aggressive defense.

Common Environmental Crimes Environmental Crimes
There are several different types of environmental crimes, and the perpetrators of these crimes are often businesses rather than individuals, because environmental damage is often the result of industrial activity and growth. Some of the most common environmental crimes that could lead to a conviction include animal trafficking, indiscriminate logging, toxic waste dumping, electronic waste mismanagement, improper storage of hazardous materials, false statements to the EPA, and violations of the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, or Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

Steps in an Environmental Crime Conviction
In order to prosecute an individual or company for an environmental crime, the involved government agency must prove that negligence or willful damages occurred. There are often situations in which accidental violations take place, and these instances are not unlawful. Because the prosecuting agencies for environmental crimes are large government agencies with a team of lawyers representing them, it is essential to match this strength in your own defense with the right lawyer.

Possible Penalties
While jail time is a very real possibility in environmental crimes, an even more significant concern may be the debilitating fines that come with a conviction. Your future may depend on avoiding a conviction or negotiating a smaller settlement with the help of a skilled attorney.