What To Do If You’re Accused of a Campus Crime

What To Do If You’re Accused by Scott and Nolder

The transition to college life can be challenging, because it is usually the first time that young adults are living independently and being held fully responsible for their actions. As a result, some college students will make missteps that could result in criminal charges that have lasting implications in academic life and beyond. Therefore, it is important to contact a criminal lawyer in Columbus with extensive experience representing college-aged students to clear your name and preserve your future. When you take the following steps after being accused of a crime on campus, you can be sure that your side of the story is heard and work to minimize the negative consequences that can come with a conviction.

Speak with a Lawyer Immediately Campus Lawyer in Columbus, OH
Because campus crimes such as underage drinking, sexual assault, and drug possession can have a lifelong impact, you will not want to face charges without reliable representation from competent criminal lawyers. An attorney experienced in this practice area can help you prevent long-term legal consequences as well as the more immediate punishments that might arise outside the justice system within the campus itself.

Understand Potential Consequences
When you are dealing with a crime that took place on a college campus, you will not only have to face criminal consequences through the legal system, but you might face adverse consequences on campus as well. If you are found guilty of a campus crime, you might lose scholarships, miss out on student housing opportunities, or have your enrollment terminated entirely.

Make Arrangements for Class Assignments
Even if you are not guilty of a particular crime, your reputation on campus can be severely impacted by criminal charges. Therefore, you might need to keep a low profile and work with instructors to complete assignments outside of the classroom until your case is resolved.