Protecting Your Rights When You’re Charged with Assault

Charged With Assault

Criminal charges that involve physical harm or threatened physical harm can lead to serious penalties upon conviction. The most effective way to protect your legal rights in the wake of assault charges is to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney. An attorney in the Columbus area can build an assault defense on your behalf. He or she will be present during interviews with police officers to ensure that you do not inadvertently say anything to compromise your assault defense. Your attorney will explain your legal rights, answer your questions, and represent you at your bail hearing to argue for your release pending your trial.

Your criminal defense attorney will request the police reports, medical records of involved parties, and other evidence such as surveillance footage. He or she will review these items to begin crafting strategies for your legal defense. When you meet with your attorney, it’s important to be completely honest with your account of what happened. Tell your attorney about anything that might help your defense, such as the names and contact information of individuals who might testify on your behalf.

Charged with Assault