How Not to Spend Your Retirement Years!

We all dream of a happy and fulfilling retirement as a reward for living and working in the rat race. Approaching the golden years, most are concerned with which Medicare supplemental insurance to buy so they are adequately insured as they age. If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with good genes and live into your 90s, it’s all gravy.

Well, Leo Sharp lived the dream–he served his country honorably in WWII, worked all of his life, was law-abiding and raised a family. However, instead of purchasing supplemental insurance, Leo spent a couple of years supplementing his income by muling more than a ton of cocaine from Arizona to Michigan. Sharp was paid more than $1.25 million for his transport services and was one of 19 people indicted in a case connected to Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel.

Sharp celebrated his 90 th birthday in a sentencing proceeding last week in federal court. Prosecutors were recommending a five-year prison sentence — urging the judge to focus on the ton of cocaine he delivered as opposed to Sharp’s age and health issues. In contrast, defense counsel asked Judge Nancy Edmunds to place Sharp on probation. Judge Edmunds split the difference and ordered Sharp to complete 3 years in prison. Time will tell whether this is a life sentence!