Alright, I’ve read some dark stuff over the years and I often wonder if there’s a floor below which humanity will not sink. This story clinches it for me—there is no floor. James Bull of Daytona Beach is obviously disturbed to the point that he thought that having sex with a dog was a good idea. Well, he didn’t just pick any breed; instead, you guessed it, he picked a pit bull. No relation, I suspect.

Bull’s neighbor repeatedly heard Bull’s 5-month old puppy, Rose, yelping and “screaming” after Bull brought her home from the pound. One day, Bull was playing his music too loud and the puppy was again yelping. The neighbor went to Bull’s front door, which was slightly ajar, and saw Bull sexually abusing the animal. Barry White’s sonorous voice was not emanating from Bull’s stereo. Bull was arrested and pled guilty to cruelty to animals—Rose, the pit bull, was obviously unimpressed with Bull’s technique! And that’s no bull!

Judge Leah Case was not humored by Bull’s conquest as she compared it to “systematic” and “chronic” child abuse. For that Bull was sentenced to serve 5 years in prison.