Stopped by the Police? What to Do Next

Being stopped by the police can be a nerve-wracking experience, even if you haven’t been doing anything wrong. The first step a criminal defense lawyer would advise you to take is to remain calm. If a police officer sees that you’re nervous, he or she will only become more suspicious. If you’re pulled over in a car, place your hands on the steering wheel and avoid reaching for your license until the officer asks for it. As your defense attorney can inform you, officers will assume that you have a weapon. If you do have contraband in your car, avoid looking toward it. Otherwise, you could soon find yourself requiring a drug possession defense in addition to a defense for traffic charges.

You can hear more helpful advice on dealing with police officers by watching this video. This video explains what you should and shouldn’t do if you’re stopped by an officer while on foot, and it will give you some insight as to how police officers think when pulling over suspects. If you are charged with a crime, remember to contact a criminal defense lawyer in Columbus.