What Does It Mean If You’re Charged with Reckless Harm?

Charged with Reckless Harm

Reckless Harm lawyerin Columbus Many people require the help of a domestic violence lawyer even when they did not intentionally cause harm to their spouse , partner, or other household member. In these cases, a domestic violence lawyer serving Columbus will need to build a defense against claims of reckless harm, which is one of the types of domestic violence.

Domestic violence encompasses a range of situations. It may involve alleged threats of violence or actual physical harm. As your domestic violence lawyer can explain to you, you can be charged with reckless harm if you caused a household member to suffer an injury without doing so on purpose. For example, if your spouse or partner is blocking a doorway and refuses to let you through, you might try to force your way through the doorway. In the process, your spouse or partner may become injured. This could be grounds for a charge of domestic violence. Be sure to fully disclose all of the details of your case to your sexual assault attorney.