Life After a Felony Drug Conviction

If you’re facing a felony drug charge , talk to your defense attorney about what you can expect if you’re convicted. Your criminal defense lawyer in Columbus will likely warn you that serving your time behind bars is only part of the uphill battle you’ll face. Upon release from prison, you’ll likely find it difficult to secure gainful employment. Many employers would prefer to hire employees without a criminal history. The same applies to finding housing. It’s routine for building managers to run background checks on prospective tenants.

You can hear more about this issue by watching this news clip. You’ll hear the story of Connie Edminston, who served 14 years in prison for a drug charge and feels as though he’s still paying his debt to society. To reduce your chances of facing these challenges, it’s advisable to work with a criminal defense lawyer who has extensive experience with building a felony drug crime defense.