Comparing Punishments for Felony and Misdemeanor Drug Convictions

potential penalties involved with conviction Columbus OH

There are many different drug charges and sorting through them can be confusing. Talk to your criminal defense lawyer about your drug possession defense or other charge, and ask about the potential penalties involved with conviction . As your defense attorney can explain to you, misdemeanor drug convictions generally carry a less severe punishment than felony convictions. You may be required to pay fines, undergo mandatory drug treatment, and carry out community service. You may also serve less than one year in jail and have your driver’s license suspended.

If you’re consulting a defense attorney located in Columbus regarding a felony drug charge, you’re facing much more severe penalties. First-degree felonies in particular carry harsh penalties. You could be required to pay up to $20,000 in fines, serve 10 years in prison, and have your driver’s license suspended. Either type of conviction will remain on your criminal record. However, a felony conviction will lead to lifetime consequences, such as revocation of your right to vote and own firearms.

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