Why You Need to Speak to Your Kids About DUIs

Even if you don’t feel that alcohol poses a threat to your kids now, it’s best to broach the subject before a problem occurs and your child requires a DUI lawyer . As a DUI lawyer would point out, car crashes are the leading cause of death among teens in the U.S. Even if your child does not consume alcohol, he or she could still be at risk of injury or death if he or she gets into a car with an intoxicated driver.

Parents can watch this video to learn more about talking to their kids about DUIs and avoiding the need for a drunk driving defense attorney. This video explains how your teens could use a code word to let you know that they need to leave a party early because of potential problems. It also discusses some alarming statistics on drunk driving among teens, which you might use as an icebreaker to discuss the topic. If your teen is charged with a DUI despite these precautions, contact a DUI lawyer near Columbus right away.