What Is Reckless Harm in a Domestic Violence Case?

Reckless Harm in a Domestic Violence by Scott and Nolder

Domestic Violence Attorny in Columbus, OH Domestic violence law is complicated, which is one reason why it’s advisable to schedule a consultation with a domestic violence lawyer serving Columbus if you’ve been charged with this type of crime. Your criminal defense attorney will review your case to determine the specific charges you’re facing and the potential penalties involved if you are convicted. Ohio law recognizes a few different types of domestic violence . You might be charged with intentionally harming someone, threatening to harm someone, or recklessly harming someone.

Reckless harm occurs when it is thought that the defendant did not intend to harm another person, yet his or her alleged reckless actions did lead to serious physical injuries. For example, the defendant may have tried to push his or her way past another person who may have been blocking a door. Subsequently, that individual may have suffered injuries, such as from falling and spraining a wrist. As your criminal defense attorney can advise you, a charge of inflicting reckless harm in a domestic violence case is considered a fourth-degree felony under Ohio law.