Preparing for a Criminal Court Hearing

Learn about Criminal Court Hearing

 defense lawyer in Columbus, OH Your defense lawyer near Columbus will do most of the work to prepare for your criminal court hearing. However, there are some steps that you’ll need to take. First, listen carefully to what your criminal defense attorney tells you about the case and follow his or her advice. Next, demonstrate that you have respect for the court and the judge by arriving on time for your court appearance and conducting yourself in a professional manner.

Consult Your Defense Attorney

Ahead of your court hearing, you can expect to meet with your defense attorney to discuss your case and the lawyer’s strategies for your criminal defense. You should ask any questions you have regarding the proceedings and your role. Your attorney will let you know if you will need to speak during the appearance, such as to enter a plea of “not guilty,” or “guilty.” Usually, guilty pleas are entered when a plea bargain has been arranged.

Demonstrate Remorse

Certain actions can demonstrate to the court that you feel remorseful about your behavior . For example, if you’ve been accused of drunk driving or a drug offense, your defense attorney may advise you to enter into an alcohol or drug treatment program. If you’ve been accused of a violent crime such as domestic violence or assault, enrolling in an anger management program may help improve the judge’s perception of you.

Dress Appropriately

You should always dress for your court appearance as though you were attending a funeral. Wear professional, somber clothing such as a suit. Clothing that is revealing or informal should be avoided. It’s also advisable to choose conservative jewelry, if any, cover up any visible tattoos, and remove any piercings other than ear piercings.

Be Punctual

Judges frown on late arrivals, regardless of whether the defendant’s tardiness was due to circumstances beyond his or her control. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early for your court appearance. This will give you some extra time in case there are traffic delays. If you are early, your defense attorney may use the time to provide you with last-minute instructions or advice.