Answers to Your Questions about Bonds

Answers About Bail Bond

Individuals who consult a criminal lawyer are often confused about what bonds are. Under criminal law , a bond is a way for the court system to ensure that a defendant will return to court for scheduled appearances. If you’ve been charged with a crime under criminal law in Columbus or elsewhere in Ohio, a court may recognize one of three bonds. In some cases, a criminal defense attorney may successfully argue in favor of a defendant being released on his or her recognizance. A recognizance bond means that the defendant promises to return to court. There is no payment required.

Other common questions asked of lawyers involve appearance bonds. An appearance bond, also known as a 10 percent bond, requires that the defendant post 10 percent of the money for the bond. Defendants are typically curious about whether they would receive any of the money back. Provided they return to court as ordered, defendants may receive the money they posted, minus expenses. Another common question defendants ask is in regards to why some defendants must post the full amount of the bond. This occurs when the court issues a surety or cash bond. Often, defendants make arrangements with bondsmen to post the bond and obtain release from jail.

Answers About Bail Bond

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