Tips for Getting Car Insurance After a DUI

If you’ve recently worked with a DUI lawyer following an arrest for driving while under the influence of alcohol , you’re probably starting to get your life back on track. One important step is to shop around for a new insurance policy, since most insurance companies will refuse to renew the policies of drivers who were convicted of DUI. Look for an insurance agent who works with insurance companies that offer policies to high-risk drivers. A DUI lawyer near Columbus may already know of local insurance agents who will work with you.

As you’ll learn by watching this video, after you find an appropriate insurance agent, the process of acquiring car insurance isn’t much different than it ordinarily would be. However, as your drunk driving defense attorney can warn you, you can expect much higher quotes. Fortunately, you can expect your rates to gradually decline over time, assuming that you do not have occasion to work with a DUI lawyer again.