What to Do if You’re Charged with a Violent Crime

Charged with a violent crime

Scott and Nolder Defense Attorney in Columbus, OH If you’ve been charged with a violent crime, the first thing you should do is avoid answering the police officers’ questions, aside from providing them with your full name and similar information. The officers should have informed you that you have the right to contact a criminal defense lawyer in Columbus. Let the officers know that you respectfully decline to answer their questions until your criminal defense attorney is present. Then, call a defense attorney who has experience handling cases involving violent crimes, such as domestic violence, assault, gun charges, and sex crimes.

Your defense attorney can then inform you of your legal rights and help you understand the charges against you. He or she will be present during any interrogations. Your attorney will also represent you during your initial hearing, at which you may be granted bail. As soon as these matters are handled, your defense attorney will begin to build your defense by reviewing the police report, analyzing any evidence against you, and locating witnesses.