• Scott and Nolde

    What Are Your Rights During Police Interactions?

    If you’ve been pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving in Columbus or if you’re interacting with police officers for any other reason, it’s important to be fully aware of your legal rights. You cannot assume that police officers will protect your legal rights; their job is to enforce Ohio DUI laws and other criminal […]

  • Charged With Assault

    Protecting Your Rights When You’re Charged with Assault

    Criminal charges that involve physical harm or threatened physical harm can lead to serious penalties upon conviction. The most effective way to protect your legal rights in the wake of assault charges is to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney. An attorney in the Columbus area can build an assault defense on your […]

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    How the Law Determines Impairment in a DUI

    If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in the Columbus area, you may be curious to know exactly how police officers determine your alleged impairment. In addition to looking for the signs of drunk driving such as erratic driving, police officers can use a Breathalyzer to measure your blood alcohol content […]

  • Learn about Domestic Violence Laws

    Defining Different Types of Domestic Violence Laws

    A conviction for domestic violence in Columbus can affect your life for years to come. Long after you serve your time behind bars, domestic violence convictions can ruin your reputation and credibility, inhibit your ability to maintain employment, and destroy interpersonal relationships. Even the mere accusation of domestic violence can lead to serious repercussions, which is […]

  • dui law

    Ohio DUI Stops and Implied Consent Laws

    Before a police officer can pull you over on suspicion of drinking and driving, he or she must have probable cause. However, it’s relatively easy for a police officer to establish probable cause for drunk driving . For instance, a person could be pulled over for drinking and driving in the Columbus, Ohio area because […]

  • When Are You Entitled to Receive a Miranda Warning?

    The Miranda warnings are among the most well-known, yet least understood aspects of criminal law. Many people believe that they are entitled to hear about their Miranda rights when they are being questioned in a possible domestic violence, drunk driving, or other type of case—even if they have not been taken into custody yet. In […]

  • Examining the Consequence of DUI Charges for Repeat Offender

    Examining the Consequences of DUI Charges for Repeat Offenders

    Charges of drunk driving are among the most common reasons why individuals in the Columbus, OH area must consult a traffic lawyer. In Ohio, driving under the influence (DUI) is actually referred to as operating a vehicle while under the influence (OVI) of alcohol or drugs. A person may face an OVI charge if he or […]

  • A Look at the Domestic Violence Case by Scott and Nolder

    A Look at the Stages of a Domestic Violence Case

    Under domestic violence laws in Ohio, individuals are prohibited from knowingly causing or attempting to cause physical harm to a household member or family member. Recklessly inflicting serious harm and threatening to carry out imminent physical harm are also violations of domestic violence laws. If you’ve been accused of domestic violence near the Columbus area, […]

  • Steve Nolder

    Attorney Spotlight: Steve Nolder

    If you have been accused of domestic violence, a white-collar crime, or a traffic crime near Columbus, you will want to have the representation of an experienced criminal lawyer to build your case. At the Scott & Nolder Law Firm , you can find the aggressive, experienced defense you deserve to uphold your rights throughout […]

  • What To Do If You’re Accused by Scott and Nolder

    What To Do If You’re Accused of a Campus Crime

    The transition to college life can be challenging, because it is usually the first time that young adults are living independently and being held fully responsible for their actions. As a result, some college students will make missteps that could result in criminal charges that have lasting implications in academic life and beyond. Therefore, it […]